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when i saw the new chapter of Asagao to Kase-san on Dynasty Reader and saw the NSFW tag on it, I honestly thought Kase and Yamada would finally have sex, but no, just Kase flashing her boobs

i’m slightly disappointed BUT this was a good fucking chapter 

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Game of Thrones Cast SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly (x)

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By mille

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What if you and your icon switched voices for an entire week.

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gender bending is srs business

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5. Around maleficent's neck while gazing at her hungrily and bitting her lower lip."You're playing with fire little beasty" Maleficent embraces her waist pressing their bodies together. Aurora now with passion inching closer to her luscious red lips

ooh it starts again and is getting hot, yes

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It’s so hard to contain the gay sometimes.

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If Game of Thrones was made by Disney…

Series created by Fernando Mendonça

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finnally getting the hang of the animating, now i can make more unique animations instead of using the basic samples.

oh my god look how perfect this is

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i swear i get uglier everyday

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いろいろ by うるか

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Hogwarts Houses
Slytherin - Hufflepuff - Gryffindor - Ravenclaw

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I hate it when a character doesn’t have a FUCKING LAST NAME, SO THEIR TAG IS FULL OF SHIT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT.